Laguna 1412 Bandsaw

See my video below for my review of this saw.  Since I made that, I’ve changed how I adjust the blade guides.  Instead of setting them “just a little bit away from” the blade I’ve switched to having them lightly touch the blade.  The ceramic guides seem to be OK with this, it’s much faster to set the guides this way, and the blade seems to run more true.  With the side guides loose, I simply press them closed & centered around the blade and then tighten.

Overall this has been a pretty good tool for me.  I’ve never had to calibrate the fence or miter slot (by rotating the table); it has “just worked” from day one.  And yes I still do hate how the fence lock knob gets in the way of the lower door!  Check out Laguna’s 18BX and notice how they made the lock knob shorter on that saw!

Notes for New Owners

Blade selection!  For wet wood cutting I’ve used both Highland’s and Timberwolf’s woodturning blades and the latter just seem to last longer.  For resawing and general cutting tasks I’ve had the most luck with Highland’s carbide-tipped blade (1/2″ wide) and their woodslicer (3/4″ wide).  The carbide-tipped blade, as expected, has lasted a long time (almost a year) and is still going strong.  The woodslicer blades never lasted me very long before feeling dull and starting to drift.

Guide adjustment – as said above, it’s OK to have the guides lightly touching the blade.  It makes blade changes much easier and better guides the blade.  This video from Laguna demonstrates this.

When I got the saw I did not spring for the mobility kit, instead using a third-party kit similar to this one.  I After a year I found that the extra width from the kit (frame plus wheels) got in my way more than I expected so I bought the official kit from Laguna.  I like it because your feet don’t bump into anything and the foot pedal makes it quick and easy to move the saw around.