Walls & Columns

This page talks about what I did for the shop walls and some “service” columns I put in.


My shop is an addition to my home and is considered a garage space, so fire code required me to use 5/8″ drywall on the ceiling and on the wall adjacent to the house. The remainder of the walls received 1/2″ CDX plywood. I then slapped on cheap white paint (CHB Dover White, baby) to increase the ambient light and to make it less like a dungeon.

The plywood was a great decision. I only used one coat of paint and I got adequate coverage. Two coats would have been better but I was almost out. In contrast, OSB, while cheaper, both looks like hell and soaks up paint like crazy. The 1/2″ ply was only about $16 per sheet.

It’s really nice being able to hang things wherever I need to, and for heavy stuff I can always locate the studs just by looking for a screw.


I didn’t want to run electrical or dust collection under the floor mostly because a fear of committing to a layout too early. So it all needed to come down from the ceiling, and I put in some simple columns to give the dust & electrical a path.

Using a 1×4 and a 1×8 I made L-shaped columns reaching from floor to ceiling. I attached blocks to the floor and ceiling and then screwed the columns to the sides of the blocks. The ceiling blocks were simply put in with drywall anchors.

I’m pleased with how this turned out – not only is there a place for electrical and dust service it also created a “home” for each area; something to position tools around and also to hang stuff on. I added an extra column by the lathe to hole the dust collection arm.