Dust Collection

My dust collection system is based on 6″ ASTM D2729 PVC DWV (drain waste pipe) pipe. I went this route based on cost and local availability of parts.

My system uses pairs of 45s for 90 degree turns and a few wyes. Clearvue parts for 6″ gates and 6″ to 4″ transitions. I was able to use my 2HP Jet cyclone with this system, thankfully it has enough oomph to generate good airflow. I used cheap plastic pipe strap to secure it to the ceiling rafters, walls, and columns. It worked great.


Sourcing 6″ 2729 pipe can be tricky, at least here in SE Wisconsin. The fittings aren’t as hard to track down but the pricing is all over the place! The information below is accurate as of September 2020.


Menards – only available in packs of 25

Ace Hardware – available for free delivery in small quantities – the price is higher than Fleet Farm but this would be great choice

Fleet Farm – they keep small quantities on hand, it seems. I was able to get mine from the West Bend location, only 19 miles away from me. Only $17 each, too!


Menards – cheap!

Amazon – cheap! I got mine from Amazon to save a few bucks


I was really only able to find wyes at Menards, thankfully their prices were reasonable.

6 x 6 x 6

6 x 6 x 4


I gave a slight nod to dissipating static electricity by running a strip of aluminum HVAC table along the inside of a few fittings and then connecting that to my electrical conduit. My old shop had no such grounding and I never received a zap from the PVC so to me this is overkill. Now my shop vac hose while routing is a far different story.. that thing will raise the hair on my arms!

“Dust Right” Hose System

At the back of my lathe I have a length (21′ it seems) of Rocker’s stretchy dust right hose attached to Peach Tree’s EZ sweep system (I was too cheap to buy Rocker’s version).

It’s a great system as if you use it like a mobile floor sweep. The sweep head is quite narrow, so it’s bad for covering large areas. My solution is to broom up chips & dust into piles and to then hit each pile with the sweep. I also have the bench brush attachment which is great for cleaning off the lathe.

Metal vs. Plastic

Back when I was imagining this shop project I thought that I would “do it right” and drop a ton of cash on an all-metal, clamp-together Nordfab system. Well 9 after months of construction I lost my appetite for big purchases so I went the PVC route.

There is absolutely nothing functionally wrong with the PVC system, it works great. And honestly it looks fairly cool, too. But it just doesn’t have the panache of an all-metal system.. ah well.

The Blastgate Company’s spiral products are fairly well-priced and would make for a very solid choice. Their 6″ sweep elbows are much cheaper than the equivalent PVC product! However the straight sections are quite expensive.

Clearvue Gate Supports

While the Clearvue gates work great (they are sized to fit 6″ PVC) the are kind of awkward to mount to the wall. As in they have angled backs and offer no mounting holes.

I found that a rabbeted piece of 2×4 worked well to hold them up, while some strap held them fast to the wall.