Lathe Comparison List

This page’s intent is to provide a listing of woodturning lathes available to the North American market. It does not seek to rank or review them, only to provide a reference point for key attributes such as swing, horse power, and outboard turning ability.  This listing is inspired by one that Neal Addy had published but has since disappeared from the internet.

So which lathes are junk and which are quality?  That’s a hard call.  All of them will spin a block of wood but will do so with varying degrees of accuracy, smoothness, and longevity.  See what turners on YouTube are using.  Stop by /r/turning and get opinions!

If you have additions or corrections please make them on the spreadsheet itself via a comment.  Just right-click on a cell and type out what’s wrong.  I’ll get a notification and will likely make the update within a day.  Leave a comment down below if you have an idea for a new data view or if I’ve missed a lathe or three.

Below are a number of views on the data.  The data is pretty wide though so you are probably better off simply viewing the sheet by itself.


Click here to directly access the spreadsheet.  Web view if your work firewall cruelly blocks google documents.  To get a condensed view of the lathes that fit your needs go to Data > Filter Views > Create Temporary view.  Now in the column headings you’ll be able to include/exclude options such as electronic variable speed, or to include prices under a certain amount.

Under $500

Under $1000

Under $2000

Benchtop Lathes

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