Lathe Comparison List

This page’s intent is to provide a listing of woodturning lathes available to the North American market. It does not seek to rank or review them, only to provide a reference point for key attributes such as swing, horse power, and outboard turning ability.  This listing is inspired by one that Neal Addy had published but has since disappeared from the internet.

So which lathes are junk and which are quality?  That’s a hard call.  All of them will spin a block of wood but will do so with varying degrees of accuracy, smoothness, and longevity.  See what turners on YouTube are using.  Stop by /r/turning and get opinions!

If you have additions or corrections please leave a comment on this page or drop me a line.

Product Name
Model Number
Bed Swing
Variable Speed?
Speed Ranges
Spindle Dia / TPI
Bench Top
Warranty (years)
Apprentice812 VS Mini Lathe812VS812$199.95No0.33120EVS750-3200No1" x 8 TPI43MT1No$4.65
BaileighBENCH TOP WOOD LATHE WL-1218VSWL-1218VS1218$659.00No0.75120EVS300-900, 600-1800, 1200-3600No1" x 8 TPI106MT2No1$6.22
BaileighVARIABLE SPEED WOOD LATHE WL-1847VSWL-1847VS1847$2,095.00Sliding2.00240EVS0-1200, 0-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI585MT2No1$3.58
BaileighHEAVY DUTY WOOD LATHE WL-1840VSWL-1840VS1840$2,795.00Yes2.00240EVS0-1200, 0-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI518MT2No1$5.40
BaileighWOODWORKING LATHE WL-2060VSWL-2060VS2060$3,950.00Yes3.00240EVS50-1000, 100-2000, 150-3000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI750MT2No1$5.27
Colt1417CML-141713.517$750.00No1.00120EVS80-3700 ÷ 3Yes1" x 8 TPI95MT2No
ColtStratos 230CO-2302027$2,650.00Swivel2.00240EVS80-3700 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI392MT2No
CraftexLATHE WOOD MINI VAR. SPEEDCT1728.212$199.00No0.33120No750 - 3200No1" x 8 TPI44MT1No2$4.52
CraftexHEAVY DUTY BENCH TOP LATHECX8011015.5$399.00No0.50120No480 - 4023 ÷ 6No1" x 8 TPI105MT2No3$3.80
Craftex12" x 18" MINI WOOD LATHE 12" x 18" MINI WOOD LATHE
CX8131216.5$439.00No0.75120EVS650 - 3800 ÷ 3No1" x 8 TPI85MT2No3$5.16
CraftexWOOD LATHE WITH DIGITAL READOUTCX8031443$669.00Sliding & Swivel0.75120Reeves600 - 2400No1" x 8 TPI281MT2No3$2.38
CraftexWOOD LATHE 18IN. X 47IN. HEAVY DUTYCX8021847$2,399.00Sliding2.00240EVS100 - 3200 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI440MT2No3$5.45
CWIRivolver 12″ x 20″ Variable Speed Wood LatheCWI-WL2001218$849.95Yes0.75120EVS300-3600 ÷ 3Yes1" x 8 TPI145MT2No$5.86
CWIRIVOLVER 16″ X 42″ V.S. WOOD LATHECWI-WL6501643$2,599.95Swivel2.00120EVS45-3750 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI636MT2No$4.09
Delta46-460 Midi Lathe46-46012.516.5$739.97No1.00120EVS250-4000Yes1" x 8 TPI97MT2NoNo5$7.63
Grizzly10" x 18" Bench-Top Wood LatheH82591018$299.95No0.50120No826-3337 ÷ 5No1" x 8 TPI73MT2NoNo1$4.11
Grizzly10" x 18" Variable-Speed Wood LatheT259261018$375.00No0.50120EVS650-3800 ÷ 3No1" x 8 TPI75MT2NoNo1$5.00
Grizzly12" x 18" Variable-Speed Wood LatheT259201218$425.00No0.75120EVS650-3800 ÷ 3No1" x 8 TPI84MT2NoNo1$5.06
GrizzlyWood Lathe with Copy AttachmentG08421432$575.00No0.75120Reeves600-2400No1" x 8 TPI155MT2NoNo1$3.71
Grizzly14" x 20" Variable-Speed Benchtop Wood LatheG08441420$625.00No0.75120EVS300-3300 ÷ 3Yes1" x 8 TPI110MT2NoNo1$5.68
GrizzlyWood lathe w/ DROG04621646$764.75Sliding & Swivel2.00120Reeves600-2400 ÷ 10No1" x 8 TPI287MT2NoNo1$2.66
Grizzly16" x 42" Variable-Speed Wood LatheG0632Z1642$1,610.00Sliding & Swivel2.00240EVS100-3200 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI386MT2NoNo1$4.17
Grizzly 16" X 24" VARIABLE‐SPEED WOOD LATHEG08381624$1,595.00Sliding2.00240EVS100-2900 ÷ 3Yes1" x 8 TPI322MT2NoNo1$4.95
Grizzly22" x 42" Variable-Speed Wood LatheG07662242$2,250.00Sliding3.00240EVS100-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI496MT2NoNo1$4.54
GrizzlyHeavy Duty Wood Lathe 18" x 47"G07331847$1,950.00Sliding2.00240EVS100-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI419MT2NoNo1$4.65
Grizzly24" x 24" Bowl Turning Wood LatheG08352424$3,678.95Sliding3.00240EVS60-2300 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI706MT2NoNo1$5.21
Grizzly20" x 43" Heavy-Duty Variable-Speed Wood LatheG06942043$3,225.00Yes3.00240EVS50-3000 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI578MT2NoNo1$5.58
GrizzlyG0799 - 20" x 48" Heavy-Duty Wood LatheG07992048$3,950.00Sliding2.00240EVS60-3500 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI749MT2NoNo1$5.27
GrizzlyG0800 - 24" x 48" Heavy-Duty Wood LatheG08002448$4,250.00Sliding3.00240EVS60-3500 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI767MT2NoNo1$5.54
Harbor FreightCM 5 Speed Bench Top Wood Lathe653451018$239.99No0.50120No750-3200 ÷ 5No1" x 8 TPI83MT2NoNo1$2.89
Harbor Freight12 x 33 3/4 HP Wood Lathe347061233.375$379.99Swivel0.75120No600-2400 ÷ 10No1" x 8 TPI177MT2NoNo1$2.15
HarveyT40 Turbo Bench LatheT401424$2,590.00Swivel1.00240EVS60-4300 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI178MT2NoNo2$14.55
HarveyT40 Turbo Bench Lathe with LegsT40-Legs1424$2,790.00Swivel1.00240EVS60-4300 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI360MT2No2$7.75
JetJWL-1015 10'' x 15'' Wood LatheJWL-10151015$449.99No0.50120No500-3975 ÷ 6No1" x 8 TPI77MT2No5$5.84
JetJWL-1015VS 10'' x 15'' Variable Speed Wood LatheJWL-1015VS1015$539.99No0.50120EVS200-3600No1" x 8 TPI73MT2No5$7.40
JetJWL-1221VS 12'' x 21'' Variable Speed Wood LatheJWL-1221VS1221$764.99No1.00120EVS60-3600Yes1" x 8 TPI121MT2No5$6.32
Jet1221SP Step Pulley LatheJWL-1221SP1221$599.99No0.75120No380 - 3975 ÷ 6No1" x 8 TPI121MT2No5$4.96
JetJWL-1440VS 14" x 40" Benchtop Wood LatheJWL-1440VS14.540$1,259.99Sliding & Swivel1.00120Reeves400-3000No1" x 8 TPI220MT2No5$5.73
JetJWL-1440VS 14" x 40" Wood Lathe with LegsJWL-1440VSK14.540$1,529.99Sliding & Swivel1.00120Reeves400-3000No1" x 8 TPI352MT2No5$4.35
JetJWL-1640EVS 16" x 40" Wood LatheJWL-1640EVS1640$2,299.99Sliding1.50120EVS40-1200, 100-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI375MT2No5$6.13
JetJWL-1840EVS 18" x 40" Wood LatheJWL-1840EVS18.540$2,599.99Sliding2.00240EVS40-1200, 100-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI418MT2No5$6.22
JetJWL-1840DVR 18" x 40" Wood LatheJWL-1840DVR18.540$3,117.07Sliding & Swivel2.00240EVS40-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI418MT2NoNo5$7.46
King Canada10" x 16" Wood LatheKWL-1016C1016$349.99No0.50120No480-4023 ÷ 6No1" x 8 TPI106MT2NoNo2$3.30
King Canada12" x 18" Variable Speed Wood LatheKWL-1218VS1218$599.99No1.00120EVS450-1800, 950-3800No1" x 8 TPI106MT2NoNo2$5.66
King Canada14” X 43” Variable Speed Wood Lathe with Digital ReadoutKWL-1443VS14.543$687.49Swivel0.75120Reeves600-2400No1" x 8 TPI310MT2NoNo2$2.22
King Canada13" x 40" Wood LatheH-1000L1440$1,249.99No1.00120/240No280-1750 ÷ 6No1" x 12 TPI285MT2NoNo2$4.39
King CanadaKWL-1643ABC1643$2,999.90Swivel2.00240Yes45-3750 ÷3 Yes1.25" x 8 TPI418MT2NoNo2$7.18
LagunaRevo 12|16 Midi LatheMLAREVO1216EVS12.515$799.99Yes1.00120EVS50-3500 ÷ 2Yes1" x 8 TPI118MT2NoNo1$6.78
LagunaRevo 15|24 LatheMLAREVO152411015.524$1,999.00Sliding1.50120EVS50-4200 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI288MT2NoNo1$6.94
LagunaRevo 18|36 Lathe 110VMLAREVO 1836-110-1501836$2,399.00Sliding1.50120EVS50-3500 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI427MT2NoNo1$5.62
LagunaRevo 18|36 LatheMLAREVO 1836-2201836$2,499.00Sliding2.00240EVS50-3500 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI427MT2NoNo1$5.85
LagunaRevo 24|36 LatheMLAREVO 2436-2202436$3,799.00Sliding3.00240EVS50-3500 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI532MT2NoNo1$7.14
Oliver2018 Classic Lathe20181842$3,149.99Yes2.00240EVS50 - 3200 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI720MT2No2$4.37
Oneway1224122412.524$2,490.00No1.00120/240EVS0-4000Yes1" x 8 TPI300MT2No2$8.30
Oneway1236D1236D12.536$2,995.00No1.00240EVS0-2000, 0, 4000Yes1" x 8 TPI500MT2No2$5.99
Penn State IndPENPAL5.57$149.95No0.20120EVS0-43000.75" x 16 TPI15MT1NoNo$10.00
Penn State IndCommander 10-inch Multi Speed Midi LatheLCLC101018$321.65No0.60120No650-3000 ÷ 5No1" x 8 TPI83MT2NoNo3$3.88
Penn State IndCommander 10-Inch VS MidiTCLC10VS 1018$395.95No0.75120EVS150-4100No1" x 8 TPI82MT2NoNo3$4.83
Penn State IndTurncrafter Commander VSTCLC12VS1218$529.95No1.00120EVS150-4000No1" x 8 TPI106MT2No3$5.00
Powermatic201420141420$2,000.00Sliding1.00120EVS15-3600 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI185MT2No5$10.81
Powermatic2014 with Stand20141420$2,400.00Sliding1.00120EVS15-3600 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI238MT2No5$10.08
Powermatic202020202020$3,329.99Sliding2.00240EVS50-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI559MT2No5$5.96
Powermatic3520C3520C2035$4,129.46Sliding2.00240EVS15-1200, 40-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI705MT2NoNo5$5.86
Powermatic4224B4224B2442$7,109.99Sliding3.00240EVS40-970, 80-2000, 135-3500Yes1.25" x 8 TPI870MT2No5$8.17
ProxxonMICRO Woodturning Lathe DB 250370203.169.875$202.50No0.13120EVS1000-5000NoM16-16No$33.75
Rikon10 x 18 Pen Lathe70-1051018$299.99No0.50120No500-3200 ÷ 5No1" x 8 TPI75MT2No5$4.00
Rikon12" x 16" Mini Lathe70-1001216$449.99No0.50120No430-3900 ÷ 6No1" x 8 TPI89MT2No5$5.06
Rikon12″ x 18″ MIDI Lathe70-1218VS1218$539.99No0.75120EVS450-3500 ÷ 3No1" x 8 TPI70.5MT2No5$7.66
Rikon12.5" x 20" Midi70-220VSR1216$679.99No1.00120EVS250-3850Yes1" x 8 TPI115MT2No5$5.91
Rikon16" x 42" Variable Speed Lathe70-3051642$2,489.99Swivel1.50240EVS0-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI386MT2No5$6.45
Rikon16" x 42" Variable Speed Lathe70-3061642$2,599.99Swivel1.50120EVS0-3200Yes1.25" x 8 TPI386MT2No5$6.74
Rikon20" x 37" Variable Speed Lathe70-4502037$3,599.99Swivel1.50240EVS50-3850Yes1.25" x 8 TPI461MT2No5$7.81
Rikon30" x 40" VSR Lathe with Sliding Bed70-304031.7240$3,799.99No3.00240EVS20-3850 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI476MT2No5$7.98
RobustScoutScout1426$3,895.00Sliding1.00120/240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI150MT2No7$25.97
RobustScout, 1.5HPScout-1.5HP1426$4,045.00Sliding1.50120/240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI150MT2No7$26.97
RobustScout w/ LegsScout-Legs1426$4,570.00Sliding1.00120/240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI230MT2No7$19.87
RobustScout w/ Legs, 1.5HPScout-1.5HP-Legs1426$4,720.00Sliding1.50120/240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI230MT2No7$20.52
RobustSweet 16 Short BedS16-Shrt1630$6,595.00No1.50120/240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI450MT2No7$14.66
RobustSweet 16 Short Bed, 2HPS16-Shrt-2HP1630$6,815.00No2.00240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI450MT2No7$15.14
RobustSweet 16 Standard BedS16-Std1640$6,695.00No1.50120/240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI460MT2No7$14.55
RobustSweet 16 Standard Bed, 2HPS16-Std-2HP1640$6,915.00No2.00240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI460MT2No7$15.03
RobustSweet 16 Long BedS16-Lng1652$6,895.00No1.50120/240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI480MT2No7$14.36
RobustSweet 16 Long Bed, 2HPS16-Lng-2HP1652$7,115.00No2.00240EVS60-2900Yes1.25" x 8 TPI480MT2No7$14.82
RobustAmerican Beauty Standard BedAB-Std2528$6,995.00Sliding2.00240EVS50-3000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI630MT2No7$11.10
RobustAmerican Beauty Standard Bed, 3HPAB-Std-3HP2528$7,325.00Sliding3.00240EVS50-3000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI630MT2No7$11.63
RobustAmerican Beauty Long BedAB-Lng2552$7,595.00Sliding2.00240EVS50-3000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI730MT2No7$10.40
RobustAmerican Beauty Long Bed, 3HPAB-Lng-3HP2552$7,925.00Sliding2.00240EVS50-3000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI730MT2NoNo7$10.86
RocklerExcelsior332071017$249.99No0.50120No760-3200 ÷ 5No1" x 8 TPI83MT2NoNo$3.01
ShopsmithMark V 520Mark V 52016.534$3,829.00No1.13120Reeves700-5200No5/8"100MT2NoNo$38.29
ShopsmithMark 7Mark 716.534$4,279.00No1.75120/240EVS250-10000Yes5/8"100MT2NoNo$42.79
SteinertVB36 Master BowlturnerVB3636--$7,599.99No3.00240EVS50 - 2630 ÷ 3Yes60mm584MT3NoNo10$13.01
TeknatoolComet II463001216.5$455.89No0.75120EVS250-4000Yes1" x 8 TPI77MT2NoNo5$5.92
Teknatool1624-44242211624$1,079.99Swivel1.50120No178-3630 ÷ 8Yes1.25" x 8 TPI251MT2NoNo5$4.30
TeknatoolNova Saturn DVR Lathe552411624$1,999.99Swivel1.75120EVS100-5000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI313MT2NoNo5$6.39
TeknatoolGalaxi DVR 1644 552141644$2,689.99Sliding & Swivel2.00240EVS100-5000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI450MT2NoNo5$5.98
TeknatoolComet 14DR469001418.5$599.99No1.00120EVS250-3450 ÷ 2Yes1" x 8 TPI103MT2NoNo2$5.83
TeknatoolOrion552501844$2,799.99Swivel2.00240EVS100-5000Yes1.25" x 8 TPI460MT2NoNo5$6.09
Vega Woodworking1553 Copy Lathe15531548$3,995.00Yes2.00240EVS0-3400 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI375MT2NoNo$10.65
Vega Woodworking1572 Copy Lathe15721572$2,995.00Yes2.00240EVS0-3400 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI375MT2NoNo$7.99
Vega Woodworking1596 Copy Lathe15961596$3,695.00Yes2.00240EVS0-3400 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI450MT2NoNo$8.21
Vega Woodworking15120 Copy Lathe1512015120$3,995.00Yes2.00240EVS0-3400 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI450MT2NoNo$8.88
VicmarcV00735-6 VL150 12x14 Bench Top Mini Lathe Bed OnlyVL150 BM1214$995.00No0.00----6Yes1" x 8TPI70.5MT2NoNo$14.11
VicmarcVL150 12x14 Bench Top Mini LatheVL150 SM EVS1214$2,295.00No1.00240EVS30-3000 ÷ 3Yes1" x 8TPI137MT2NoNo$16.75
VicmarcVL300 CS Series Shortbed Bench Mount LatheVL300 BM2421$2,695.00No0.00----3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI258MT2NoNo$10.45
VicmarcVL300 2HP WOOD LATHEVL300 SM2421$5,195.00No2.00240EVS10-3000 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI505MT2NoNo$10.29
VicmarcVL240 Stand MountVL24019.322$5,495.00Swivel2.00240EVS10-3000 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI551MT2NoNo$9.97
VicmarcVL300 3HP Adjustable Stand Wood LatheVL300 ASM2421$6,259.95No3.00240EVS10-3000 ÷ 3Yes1.25" x 8 TPI653MT2NoNo$9.59
Wen8 in. by 12-Inch Variable Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe3420T812$145.19No0.50120EVS750-3200No1" x 8 TPI45MT1NoNo2$3.23
Wen12 in. x 15 in. Variable Speed Multi-Directional Wood Lathe340271215$431.11Yes0.75120EVS500-2500Yes1" x 8 TPI78.4MT2NoNo2$5.50
Wen14-Inch by 20-Inch Variable Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe340341420$781.65No120EVS250-3550 ÷ 3Yes1" x 8 TPI125.7MT2NoNo2$6.22
Wen12-Inch by 18-Inch Variable Speed Cast Iron Wood Lathe340181218$376.32No120EVS450-3500 ÷ 3No1" x 8 TPI65MT2NoNo2$5.79
Wen12-Inch by 18-Inch 5-Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe3424T1218$281.73No120No520-3400 ÷ 5No1" x 8 TPI70MT2NoNo2$4.02
Woodstock Int.W1704 SHOP FOX® 8" x 13" Bench-Top Wood LatheW1704813$219.95No0.33120EVS700-3200No0.75" x 16 TPI41MT1NoNo$5.36
Woodstock Int.W1752 SHOP FOX® 10" x 15" Bench-Top Wood LatheW17521015$399.99No0.50120No480-4800 ÷ 6No1" x 8 TPI89MT2NoNo$4.49
Woodstock Int.Steelex ST1008ST10081015$344.99No0.50120No480 - 4023 ÷ 5No1" x 8 TPI89MT2NoNo2$3.88
Woodstock Int.W1836W18361215$509.00No0.75120EVS500-3800 ÷ 2No1" x 8 TPI82MT2NoNo2$6.21
Woodstock Int.W1758 SHOP FOX® 16" x 43" Wood Lathe with Stand and DROW17581646$759.99Swivel2.00120No600-2400 ÷ 10No1" x 8 TPI287MT2NoNo$2.65
Woodstock Int.W1852W18522242$2,494.99Sliding3.00240EVS100-3200 ÷ 2Yes1.25" x 8 TPI496MT2NoNo2$5.03
Woodtek10" Midi Lathe143-0091017$489.00No0.50120No500-3975 ÷ 6No1" x 8 TPI87MT2NoNo1$5.62
Woodtek12" Variable Speed Lathe961-9761237$1,663.79Yes0.75120/240Reeves360-2100No1" x 8 TPI335MT2NoNo1$4.97
WoodtekNo. 1961-990b2038$5,823.79Yes3.00240EVS0-600, 0-1200, 0-2000Yes1.5" x 8 TPI830MT2NoNo1$7.02


I have all this data compiled into a Google Spreadsheet and you are more than welcome to dig around in there. It’s much easier to navigate the large dataset in a spreadsheet.

To get a condensed view of the lathes that fit your needs go to Data > Filter Views > Create Temporary view.  Now in the column headings you’ll be able to include/exclude options such as electronic variable speed, or to include prices under a certain amount.

4 thoughts on “Lathe Comparison List

    1. The Score column is a not-serious attempt to quantitatively determine the “best” lathe – it multiplies HP, weight, and cost by some factors to arrive at a number. Feel free to ignore it.

      In my opinion dollars per pound is a more important thing to pay attention to.

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