Dial Indicator Sled for Calibrating Table Saw

I own this cheap dial indicator set, and while it is indeed cheap it works fine for calibrating my table saw.  My only complaint is that its versatile base and arm system just doesn’t work that well for this purpose, especially for setting up the fence where sliding the indicator causes the small base to wobble and also scratch the cast iron top.

My solution was to make something a bit like Woodpecker’s Saw Gauge, only about $59 cheaper.

Enter the dial indicator sled!

As you can see, it’s just a scrap of 1/2″ plywood with a rail glued on, onto which the indicator is bolted.  Because it’s wood it nicely slides on the table saw surface, and because it has a long edge it registers well against the fence.

While the rail should be somewhat squarely attached it (thankfully) doesn’t have to be all that precise.  We’re only interested in relative distances (how much the needle moves), not absolute numbers.

Here are some more photos, including it being used against a Master Plate to calibrate my sliding table and the fence.

Grizzly G0700 First Look

Update: In the late summer of 2015 Grizzly discontinued the G0700.  However this information is still valid when applied to their other 10″ sliders.

If you google “Grizzly G0700 review” you’ll get a few press releases and the saw’s page on grizzly.com.  Well I took a gamble on it and got one anyway.  I’m happy that I did, it’s well-made and fits into my small basement shop.  The sliding concept appealed to me because the sliding table would seem to replace many of the sleds I see others using on traditional cabinet saws.  We’ll see!  In the meantime it’s worked just fine for me.  I’m upgrading from an old Craftsman contractor saw so a 5HP machine with a fresh blade cuts like a dream.

In the meantime I did a short video showing the details that you can’t see on Grizzly’s website.

I A few things were different from the product page from my saw which was manufactured in January of 2015:

  • Clear blade guard
  • A scoring blade was included, whereas the product description says it doesn’t.
  • Miter gauge is a thick, cast piece of metal instead of a thin stamped piece.  It’s the same setup as seen on the G0623X.
  • The miter fence does not have the end support for long pieces

Here are a few photos I took when I received the saw.  In order to get it down into my basement I had to remove the cast iron  which also afforded me a view of its guts.

Trunion and Belts
Trunion and Belts

The view through the motor cover hole.  No the cabinet does not have a floor.

Dust hose leading to blade shroud, and no floor.
Dust hose leading to blade shroud, and no floor.
Shipping Crate
Shipping Crate