Bucket with Spigot & Blowoff

I do my primary fermentations in a plastic bucket because they’re easy to clean and with a spigot they’re a snap to drain into secondary.


The spigot is build around Bargain Fittings’ soldered bulkhead kit.  The kit’s washer acts as a shoulder to firmly sandwich a gasket against the bucket wall.



On the inside I have a stainless washer and locknut.  The washer is there to keep the inside of the bucket from getting scratched when tightening the nut.


For fermentations with more yeast the cake will be up to the level of the outlet and the first bit of beer coming out will be yeasty.  However once the yeast immediately surrounding the outlet is gone the rest of the flow is clear.

Blowoff Tube

My bucket’s lid came with a lid with a large stopper hole which works fine for stoppers but not for a blowoff tube. So I bought another lid and installed a fitting for attaching a blowoff tube or a stopper + airlock. It revolves around a 3/4″ female PVC to 3/4″ male NPT fitting. I chose 3/4″ PVC mostly at random.. however my bottle brush does easily fit inside for cleaning. 3/4″ pipe threads are a little over an inch in diameter so I used a 1″ spade bit for the hole and then widened it a bit with a dremel tool. The O-ring is about 1″ ID. A good seal here really isn’t important, it’s just there to keep goo in and airborne bugs out.


Bucket Lid Bulkhead parts. Please note that I’ve since discarded the galvanized locknut in favor of a brass one.

Underneath is a locknut and washer both of which are from the electrical section.

The rest of the blowoff tube is just more 3/4″ pipe and elbows. I used a “street” elbow coming off of the lid in order to reduce the overall height of the contraption; this thing has to fit in my chest freezer!

Blowoff tube with older spigot pictured

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