Homebrewing Gadgets

Small items will go on this page, see sub-pages for items with more detail.

Thermometer Holder

Plain old lab thermometers are great for taking accurate readings but there’s no good way to use them hands-free. This simple holder lets me clip the thermometer to the side of a pot or mash tun.  It’s a strip of thin 1″ wide brass with a 1/4″ID x 9/16″OD rubber grommet; the required hole diameter in the brass is 3/8″. The 1/4″ hole provides a snug fit for the thermometer even when wet.

I use this while preparing strike water and am able to put the lid on by sliding the thermometer down slow.

Oxygen Wand

My oxygen stone kit came with a long piece of vinyl tubing linking the stone w/ the filter. Because tubing is curved & flexible it was difficult to control the location of the stone while aerating. To solve this problem I attached the stone to a racking cane.



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