Turbo Oven Drum Roaster.. Quick Release Edition

The newest version of my turbo oven-powered drum roaster has had a few batches under its shiny aluminum belt and has been working pretty great! My goal with this version was to make inserting/removing the drum as easy as possible. The previous one had me skewering the roaster and drum with the 1/4″ rod which… Continue reading Turbo Oven Drum Roaster.. Quick Release Edition


Prototype Turbo Oven Coffee Drum Roaster

This roaster has been superseded by my latest drum roaster! Inspired by my friend Dominick’s attempt at a Turbo Oven-powered Drum Roaster I thought I’d build my own.  While I appreciate the simplicity of my Stir Crazy base I’ve never been happy with the consistency of roasts; by its very nature it just can’t stir the… Continue reading Prototype Turbo Oven Coffee Drum Roaster


Presto Vs. Stir Crazy Popper Bases

I’ve gotten into roasting with a Turbo Oven and so far have tried two different popper bases: Presto Popper and the Stir Crazy.  I tried the Presto first because it has a metal motor shaft; I wanted to avoid the trouble of replacing the plastic one on the Stir Crazy.

Well it turns out that the despite its plastic shaft the Stir Crazy is a better choice because it turns faster and has a better-designed tray.  See the video for detail on that as well as a demo of the two poppers stirring beans.