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Rigid Smart Pulse Vacuum Cord Wrap & Accessories Storage

I’ve had the Rigid “Smart Pulse” shop vacuum (3410RV) for a number of years, and while it’s a good vacuum its ease of use was overlooked:

  • The handle is way too small to act as a cord wrap; it’s not secured and easily falls off. I don’t even need to take a photo of this to demonstrate, their own photo shows the problem
  • There is no place to stow accessories such as dust brush or crevice nozzle.

My old Shop Vac solved both of these problems… except I hated it because it was tremendously loud and had four dopey caster wheels that make it pull like a drunken donkey.

So today I made attached some accessory panels to the handle which serve well for both tasks.

Yep, it’s scrap plywood strapped to the handle. More photos:

The plywood panels are 3/4″ material leftover from my built-in cabinets project held on with 3/4″ EMT two-hole straps. The straps could stand to be a bit tighter so using 1/2″ straps might not be a bad idea.

The cord wrap “horns” are 15.5″ apart – I lucked onto this number, but it gives a nice amount of leftover to hang on top. I made the horns out of more plywood which was glue & screwed into place. However after I made the accessories panel I realized that dowels would have worked just as well and had been easier.

The accessories panel has a few 5/16″ dowels which the two nozzles slide in between. The dowels are tilted upwards a bit to help the parts stay in place. The dust brush just sits in a notch on top. I took the vacuum on bumpy ride around the shop and garage and everything stayed put. However the accessories aren’t 100% secure and would fall out in more severe circumstances.

About the only thing left to say is that it’s important to put the pipe straps along two axes in order to resist rotating around the vacuum handle.

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