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Masterforce Pneumatic 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Review

There isn’t a lot of review content out there on Menard’s “Masterforce” line of tools; this is one attempt to shed some light on their 18 gauge brad nailer, SKU 2085005.

I’d like to make it clear that I’m not a professional woodworker and this is my first pneumatic nailer; so if you’re a real pro on these things this review might not be for you. My goal is to help someone like me hoping to get good value for their dollar.

TLDR: I see nothing wrong with it and would recommend this tool.

I’ve had it for 8 months now and use it far more often than I thought I would. Over the course of a few larger projects I’ve consumed the box of 1000 1-1/4″ brads it comes with along with perhaps 500 5/8″. It still works as well as it did when new as far as I’m concerned.

Ease of Use

The tool is a pleasure to use due to its light weight and overmolded rubber grip. The swivel air connector keeps your fine movements from fighting the air hose, it’s a must-have feature. From time to time I’ll use the belt hook. The manual claims that it weighs 2.51 pounds; it’s light enough that I’ve never been interested in seeing if that’s true.


The body of the tool is metal while most of the “clip” is made out of plastic. There are some internal metal parts to the clip but all the exterior bits are plastic. The plastic feels sturdy enough.. but it’s still plastic. But it also contributes to the light weight of the tool.

The other day I managed to drop the tool from the bench, with it landing square on the nose. Took its licking and kept on ticking!


I’ve never had the tool “dry fire”… it just works.

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