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Shop Made Parallel Clamp Racks

Having a few different brands of parallel clamps I needed to figure out a generic way to store them all:

I had two other design goals:

  • Sideways facing clamps to allow stacking
  • Held securely so they won’t pivot and flop around

I wound up creating racks with tall vertical slots. There are two slot sizes, 1-1/4″ and 7/8″. The larger slot size accommodates the larger bar clamps while the smaller parallels and quick grips fit well into the small size.

The divider pieces are about 4″ tall and 8-1/4″ deep. The depth let me fit four of the Jorgensen claps in one column. The excessive height keeps the clamps from swinging to the side.

The spacing between the columns was determined by the widest brand of clamp destined for each rack.


The dividers are glued & screwed to a backing 1×4. I used 3/4″ plywood for the dividers in order to give extra bite for the screws. You could get away with 1/2″ plywood if you dado’d in the dividers but I didn’t feel like setting up the dado stack for this project.

2 thoughts on “Shop Made Parallel Clamp Racks

  1. Simple and functional. For heavier clamps I wouldn’t trust just two screws though. Adding some glue, or cutting a dado for the dividers could make the dividers a bit stronger. Just my thoughts.

    1. Thanks, the design has worked well so far. And yeah the divider pieces are glued & screwed. I think that the first thing to fail would be the screws holding them to the wall pulling out of the studs.

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