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Mobile, Vertical Plywood Storage Rack

I needed a means to store full sheets (4′ x 8′) of plywood that wasn’t up against a wall. In my shop I have a lot more floor space than wall area so I made a mobile plywood cart in order to be able to keep those sheets on the floor, so to speak. And because my ceiling height is a little over 9′ orienting them vertically would be the best use of that space.

I don’t have any photos of it empty. But it’s a pretty basic structure. The base is a 2×4 rectangle with the corners half-lapped together. The floor of the cart is sheet of 1/2″ ply, covering the base.

Then there is the vertical backrest. It’s made up of two skinny triangles in a goal post formation screwed to the sides of the base. Lateral stability is provided by two sheets of plywood glued & brad nailed to the verticals; those are visible in the backside photo.

Plywood is Heavy

My first version of this thing had the verticals screwed into the sides using three #8 construction screws per side. As I loaded about the 6th piece of plywood onto the rack the sideways force both sheared off the screws and pulled the heads through the 1/2″ plywood sides, sending the whole stack crashing down on my table saw’s slider. Goodness.

Miraculously the sliding table assembly was unharmed, way to go Grizzly.

As you can see from the photo I added gusset plates to the bottoms of the verticals and attached with construction adhesive and #12 construction screws. This design hasn’t flinched at all despite the weight.

Plywood sure is heavy

But even with a sturdy rack that won’t collapse this thing is still difficult to move around. The open design precludes any good hand-holds and I’m still gun-shy of pushing hard on the vertical supports. But fortunately I don’t need this guy to be a truly mobile rack, just a rack that can be positioned once and then left in place.

But do keep this in mind if you are thinking of replicating this design and expect to be moving it around quite often.

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