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Segment Calculation Google Sheet Document

Who doesn’t enjoy simple geometry and spreadsheets?  I made my own segment calculation spreadsheet just to get a better understanding of segmented turning.  I’m not doing anything particularly complex so it was a fun little undertaking.

Here’s a link to the spreadsheet with some inner and outer radii already filled in.  Feel free to make a copy of it (in the File menu) for your own project!

The inner and outer radii that you determine from your profile drawing go right into the spreadsheet.  I should clarify that the inner radius does not determine the inside face of the segment, it is where the inside wall of your vessel will be.  As you can see from the drawing, there is some extra material between the inside faces of the segments and the vessel.  So you should notice that your calculated segment widths are a touch wider than the vessel wall thickness.

Like many Imperial system users, I can easily “think” in inches but prefer accurate measurements in metric, so I have the spreadsheet inputs in inches and its outputs in both inches and millimeters.

I’ve also included a “Done?” column so that you can track your progress on a printed copy.

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