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JDP-17 Review

I recently upgraded my drill press to Jet’s JPD-17 model and am pretty happy with it so far.  I wanted something with at least 5″ of quill travel and a laser guide and this one fit those specs and my budget.  The woodworking-oriented table is a plus, too.

My drill press works exactly as it ought to.  It was simple to assemble and everything fits together as intended.  The foot is adequately sized and it feels safe free-standing although I do plan on bolting it to the floor at some point.  Operation is smooth and quiet.  The depth stop works well not feeling at all “mushy”.  There is a distinct clunk when you hit bottom.  My only (minor) complaint is that there is a bit of paint overspray on the top surface of the table.

Out of the box the table is pretty darn close to square with the quill in both axes.  One of the lasers was just a tiny bit off, I don’t think that I really needed to adjust it but I did it for fun.

Dave’s Workshop on YouTube did a great overview video of the tool:

About the only interesting fact I can add to the discussion  are some details around the T-slots on the table.  The manual states that they are 1/2″ wide by 5/8″ deep.  This is pretty close to accurate, here are the measured dimensions.

T-slot dimensions


For your fences and other jigs, note that a 5/16″ hex-head bolt fits nicely and won’t turn while a 1/4″ bolt will turn within the slot.  I don’t have any t-slot bolts to try out.

5/16″ hex nut in place

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