Bowl Turning Tips

While roughing out a bowl I recorded two short videos.  In the first I try to provide some detail into how to do bowl hollowing cuts, and specifically the entry thereof.  When I started this hobby I had a really hard time figuring out the best way to do it despite watching lots of videos and reading books.

In this video I show a marking jig for a set of chuck jaws.  It lets me draw a circle for either the recess or a tenon.

Grizzly G0700 First Look

Update: In the late summer of 2015 Grizzly discontinued the G0700.  However this information is still valid when applied to their other 10″ sliders.

If you google “Grizzly G0700 review” you’ll get a few press releases and the saw’s page on  Well I took a gamble on it and got one anyway.  I’m happy that I did, it’s well-made and fits into my small basement shop.  The sliding concept appealed to me because the sliding table would seem to replace many of the sleds I see others using on traditional cabinet saws.  We’ll see!  In the meantime it’s worked just fine for me.  I’m upgrading from an old Craftsman contractor saw so a 5HP machine with a fresh blade cuts like a dream.

In the meantime I did a short video showing the details that you can’t see on Grizzly’s website.

I A few things were different from the product page from my saw which was manufactured in January of 2015:

  • Clear blade guard
  • A scoring blade was included, whereas the product description says it doesn’t.
  • Miter gauge is a thick, cast piece of metal instead of a thin stamped piece.  It’s the same setup as seen on the G0623X.
  • The miter fence does not have the end support for long pieces

Here are a few photos I took when I received the saw.  In order to get it down into my basement I had to remove the cast iron  which also afforded me a view of its guts.

Trunion and Belts
Trunion and Belts

The view through the motor cover hole.  No the cabinet does not have a floor.

Dust hose leading to blade shroud, and no floor.
Dust hose leading to blade shroud, and no floor.
Shipping Crate
Shipping Crate