Stir Crazy Turbo Oven Roasting Process

I’ve had success with a very simple, cave-man like approach to roasting coffee with my SCTO setup.  Success to me means that roasts are very predictable and that I enjoy the coffee.  As an aid to other roasters that might be having trouble wit this setup I recorded a roast session.

In it I talk about pre-heating, temperature control (or lack thereof), and the cooling process.

2 thoughts on “Stir Crazy Turbo Oven Roasting Process

  1. Why did you stop using your Behmor ?

    From what I’ve seen people using a cray turbo setup seem to get less consistent roasts compared to bread maker + heat gun (which I see you’ve also done). Could you share a little of your acquired wisdom on this? The relatively quiet operation of SCTO is appealing to me, but the results I’m seeing coming out of bread maker builds generally look more consistent.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your question.

      I sold my Behmor because its power requirements did not work well with my house. I continually had problems running out of time before I hit me roast level. Not having 100% full control was a big turnoff.

      Indeed, consistency is the biggest shortcoming of using a Stir Crazy base. And due to that inconsistency I have a prototype drum roaster using my Turbo Oven as a power source, here are a few photos of it: Once I get a better motor in place I’ll do a video/writeup on it.

      Here’s a rundown of my roasters:

      * Bread Machine / Heat gun: noisy, no visibility. Good consistency. Hard to vent.
      * Behmor: not enough power. Great consistency and easy to vent.
      * SCTO: great power, bad consistency. Easy to vent
      * TODR (Turbo Oven Drum Roaster): good power, great consistency. Fiddly to use, getting the beans out is a pain.

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