HDPE Triple Wall Pipe for Ducting

I moved my coffee roasting station but kept my blower in the same place (less noise!) so that meant I needed to extend the fume hood’s vent line.  I went the cheap route and got a 10′ long piece of HDPE Triplewall pipe which cost about $7.60 at my local Home depot.  Its inner diameter is around 4″, and I use ducting that also has a 4″ inner diameter so an adapter was needed.  One trick is to cut off a short length of pipe, say 3″‘, and cut out enough of its circumference so that it fits inside its parental pipe.  This gives you a male end for your female duct hose.

Through the power of high school math and a pair of digital calipers I determined the required circumference removal to be 31mm.  I use metric for computed figures because applying them back to the work is easy.  My cuts/measurements weren’t perfect as you can see but I simply taped over the gap with a bit of aluminum HVAC tape.  The adapter was primed/glued in with standard PVC bonding products (i.e. purple primer and cement).

DWV Adapter Markings
DWV Adapter Markings


DWV Adapter in Place
DWV Adapter in Place

My 4″ ducting hose fit perfectly over the DIY adapter.


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