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Shop-Made Thin Parting Tool (AKA Prison Shiv)

I’ve seen a few people on YouTube make thin parting tools with reciprocating saw blades, and lacking such a tool decided to give it a try.

The blade is an old 22TPI metal-cutting blade (about 5″ long) and the handle is just a piece of pine lumber.

My process was:

  1. Sand off the blade’s teeth & paint.  This was done on a benchtop belt sander with a ~220 grit belt.
  2. Cut a slit into the end of the board deep enough to accept about 2 inches of the blade.  I cut the slit using a similarly-thin blade with my reciprocating saw.  The kerf width was good but the cutting job was hideous.
  3. Using a popsicle stick, shove a bunch of epoxy into the slit.
  4. Insert blade and clamp the two sides of the tool together while curing
  5. Shape the handle using the belt sander
  6. Using the butt of the sander, add the concave shape to the blade.

The tool works really well for thin parting jobs.  The thin blade’s flexibility makes it a little tricky to use out in the open, but seeing as how this cost me close to $0 to make I’m not too upset about that.

Comparing my tool with Benjamin’s Best tenoning tool.

Iso Compare Top Compare

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