Kiribi Kabuto Silver Satin Review

A few weeks ago I replaced my Xikar Resource with what will hopefully be an upgrade, a Kiribi pipe lighter.  Specifically I got the Silver Satin model.

So far it’s been treating me well.  I can contrast it to my Resource with these points:

  • Massively better fuel capacity.  As in I’ve only filled it once when I got it.
  • Much better reliability in the wind.  It will light in the wind, but you just need to cup your hand around the flame to keep it steady.
  • The flame can be adjusted with a fingernail.  It’s not quite as simple as a thumbwheel but it’s a big upgrade from needing a separate tool.

This is not something to judge the product by, but its packaging is very nice.  Its box lid has a sweet magnetic catch that makes working the lid very satisfying.. it’s too bad I’ll eventually toss it.

A few minor negatives thus far:

  • I do miss the push button simplicity of the piezoelectric ignition.  The flint wheel is very reliable and easy to use but it is an extra step.
  • If you don’t move your fingers away from the top of the lighter while using it you can burn yourself.  Easy solution though, move your fingers out of the way.
  •  The flame ports and flint wheel rod get darkened over time, and won’t always look as fantastically clean & shiny as in the product photos:

    A bit of scorching on top.
    A bit of scorching on top.

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