PVC Lathe Tool Rack

Keeping all my lathe tools on top of the bench lasted for about 2 weeks.  Clutter there makes it hard to clean up, and a few times they came close to rolling off.  So I built a version of the ever-popular PVC tool rack.  A few specs:

  • 24″ wide, 23″ tall
  • 1.5″ PVC pipe
  • Each tube has 22.5 degree miters and is about 6″ long
  • Construction is simply 1x4s and 1x2s with brackets holding it together.

The tool support shelf is a full 1×4 because I wanted space in front to glue on more tubes if needed.

Frame of rack
Frame of rack
Finished rack
Finished rack

Update : I wound up gluing on more tunes, it worked perfectly. I used regular PVC cement.

Wood Lathe Bench and Cabinet

wpid-IMG_20140101_111447.jpgI recently got a Jet 1221VS, and because I’m working in an area without a lot of room for storage I elected to build a bench/cabinet combo instead of getting the free-standing lathe stand.


  • 48″ wide x 24″ deep x 29″ tall
  • 4×4 legs
  • 2-layer 3/4″ MDF top (1.5″ total)
  • Fully-enclosed cabinet to keep dust / chips out of there.

wpid-IMG_20140101_111503.jpgI don’t have any construction photos, but the Sketchup download (below) has an exploded view that shows how everything fits together.

Having made this during the winter I first cut all the pieces in my cold garage and then assembled in my warm(er) basement.   The only “hard” part of the build was making the notches in the legs.  My dado set can’t go 3/4″ deep so I made a bunch of kerf cuts on my table saw and then chiseled out the waste wood.   The only difficulty during assembly was dealing with the non-square nature of the 4×4 legs.  I picked out a good one at the store but still its slight irregularities threw things off so I had to “manually” get things level and square-ish; this involved a little bit of chisel-shaving on a few parts.  The frame still isn’t a true rectangle, so until I get a planer/jointer basement tool cabinetry is what I’ll have to limit myself to.

Click image for Sketchup download
Click image for Sketchup download