Homebrew Bike Rim Truing Stand

My back rim has had a wobble that has prevented me from adjusting my brakes as close as I’d like them.  In the past I’ve done a minor spoke adjustment with the rim on the bike and using the brake calipers as guides but I having some spare time this weekend I made a truing stand that has given me a much better view of how (badly) centered my rims are and the actual source of the wobble.  At first I thought it was a spoke issue but after viewing the tire-less rim I’ve seen that one just one side the rim is bent out a bit.

The stand is simply two pieces of straight 1″x2″ wood spaced 135mm apart.  Using a square I made sure that they were parallel.  The stand is clamped down to a surface, this this case my table saw.

To make the axle slots I drilled 3/8″ holes in the center of the arms and then band-sawed out the side material.





My gauge for now is a ruler clamped in place which is fine for illuminating the rim’s problems.  Obviously one could affix any kind of marker system in this area.


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