Homebrew Bike Rim Truing Stand

My back rim has had a wobble that has prevented me from adjusting my brakes as close as I’d like them.  In the past I’ve done a minor spoke adjustment with the rim on the bike and using the brake calipers as guides but I having some spare time this weekend I made a truing stand that has given me a much better view of how (badly) centered my rims are and the actual source of the wobble.  At first I thought it was a spoke issue but after viewing the tire-less rim I’ve seen that one just one side the rim is bent out a bit.

The stand is simply two pieces of straight 1″x2″ wood spaced 135mm apart.  Using a square I made sure that they were parallel.  The stand is clamped down to a surface, this this case my table saw.

To make the axle slots I drilled 3/8″ holes in the center of the arms and then band-sawed out the side material.





My gauge for now is a ruler clamped in place which is fine for illuminating the rim’s problems.  Obviously one could affix any kind of marker system in this area.


Simple Bike Work Rack

I commute to work on my bike so I tend to work on it more than your casual weekend biker.   The repair videos on Youtube where people are using fancy freestanding racks to work on their bikes made me envious so I made my own, simpler version.

wpid-IMG_20131116_173647.jpgAll it is is a wall bike hanger  mounted on a 2×4.  The top of the 2×4 clamps to a rafter in my garage.

wpid-IMG_20131116_173715.jpgThe extension board attached on top lets me work in the basement during cold months; the rafters there are much lower.