Tacoma Cab Behind-the-Seat Storage Caddies

In my 2010 Toyota Tacoma’s (two door, regular cab) there isn’t much storage space.  There is a narrow space behind the seat so I build some containers to be able to store stuff that wouldn’t fit in the glove box.

Space Behind Seat

I made two caddies, one to go to the right of the seat belt and one to go where the jack handle straps down.

Passenger Side Caddy
Driver’s Side Caddy

I used some cheap 1/4″ OSB because that’s what scrap wood I had on hand but I wouldn’t make them out anything much thicker because it’s overkill and it would eat into your storage space.   Nicely enough Toyota welded some nuts behind the horizontal tube so I was able to securely fasten the caddies to the back wall.  The nuts are M6 with a 1.00 thread pitch, and I used 20mm machine bolts.

Back Wall Mounting Point

Design considerations:

  • The caddies can only be about 5″ deep or else the seat will hit them when adjusted all the way back.
  • Don’t make them too wide or else they will interfere with the seat tilt lever
  • I didn’t bother to make bottoms as the things I’m storing are large and won’t slip though.  However I did wind up having to put some smaller bungees into a small box.  If I eventually need bottoms I’ll staple on some webbing or fabric.
  • Both sides have an “ear” that sticks out to the threaded nut; this was because I was unable to go any farther to the left with the caddy.
To get an accurate measurement of the distance between the threaded holes I traced them gravestone-style onto a piece of paper and then transferred those holes onto my wood.
Here are some Google Sketchup drawings for each side:
Driver’s Side
Passenger Side

Gotta have room for that atlas!

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