Northern Brewer’s Surly Smoke Kit

What a great recipe.  Lovely mix of smooth smoked malt with a not-too-bitter dark backbone.  The wood adds a nice charred, bourbon element to the beer which may or may not be desirable to you.  I really enjoyed my hydrometer sample before racking to secondary along with the wood pack and now I’m wishing I had split some of the beer off just to enjoy the smoke by itself, not encumbered by the wood.

I put the wood cubes in a nylon bag and suspended it from the keg lid.  6 days later the beer had what I felt was an appropriate level of wood/char flavor and I removed the bag.  This sure didn’t take long, but then again they do give you a generous amount of wood in the kit as seen below.

2 thoughts on “Northern Brewer’s Surly Smoke Kit

  1. Ut oh, my wood has been in my carboy for about 3 weeks now, the recipe calls for 5 weeks prior to keg/bottle, hope its not too much for me.

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