Yama Vacuum Pot Dip Tube Extension

I just got the 8-cup Yama stovetop vacuum brewer, and immediately noted the large amount of water left in the carafe.  I typically brew 20 oz at a time so this wasn’t going to work out because that water would dilute my coffee too much.  As I had done with my Cory brewer I extended the dip tube with a piece of rubber hose.

This tube I used silicone rubber hose as it’s resistance to high temperatures and is food-safe.  I happened to have some 1/2″ ID, 3/4″ OD firm tubing from McMaster Carr (51135K86) which worked well.  I had to immerse the tube in boiling water to get it over the tube, but once on it’s a snug fit so no worm clam was needed.  I started with more hose than I needed and whittled it down until the carafe was left with a thin layer of water across the entire bottom.  As you can see this wound up being about 7mm of tube extension.

Yama Tip Tube with Hose

Here’s a short video showing the amount of water left:

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