CO2 Consumption Calculator

Someone on Reddit was wondering how many kegs a cylinder of CO2 would carbonate.  Using some constants from Wikipedia and absolutely no gas expansion temperature correction I made a quick spreadsheet to estimate the number.  Feel free to play with the input numbers to fit  your situation.   Here it is!

The gas density constant I used was calculated @ 32F, and with most kegerators being in the low 40s I figured this was close enough.

The “too long, didn’t read it” answer: for a 5 pound tank you’ll be able to force-carb about 17 5-gallon batches @ 2.5 volumes.

Below are the full equations I used.

3 thoughts on “CO2 Consumption Calculator

  1. That’s awesome! And awesomely simple!! I wish I’d thought of it.

    So many times people ask this question and the usual answer is “a lot”. I have got “a lot” of batches out of my latest 5# tank, but seeing just how many batches it should last enables me to calculate a cost per batch of CO2.

    How about a propane consumption calculator?

  2. Propane consumption is a bit easier, as propane contains about 22k BTUs per pound. Your burners are rated in BTUs/hour, so divide your rating by 22k to see many pounds per hour you’ll use up.

    Thinking about this, and the many cylinder exchange trips I would have made, makes me glad I piped natural gas to my brew area 🙂

  3. For the propane consumption…probably and obvious comment but for a typical batch you could also just weigh the propane tank before and after the batch.

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