Grain Storage

Because I very rarely brew the same thing twice I wind up with a lot of leftover specialty grains.  I had been storing them in a motley crew of plastic canisters, jelly jars, and plastic bags.  After losing track of what I had on hand and buying a few redundant grains I decided that I needed to be a bit more organized about this.  Many of my grains were in bags piled up in buckets which made them hard to find and easy to forget about.

I found some inexpensive square jars from US Plastic and bought a variety of the 128oz, 64oz, and 32oz jars.  The 128oz jar holds a little under 5# of grain.  I chose the square ones because they save space.

Square Bottles

For my odds & ends I used the small 32oz jar plus some selected jars from my old collection.  I really just wanted to make sure that I could see what I have on hand.

Smaller Jars

For grains which I have a lot of I use Gamma Seals on hardware store 5-gallon pails.  Each holds around 21 pounds of grain.  US Plastic also sells the Gamma Seal, and this plus a $2.50 bucket makes for a relatively cheap way to store bulk grain – certainly cheaper than pet food containers.

Gamma-Sealed Bucket

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