Brewery Cleaning Area

Every brewery needs a way to clean things, but people’s methodologies don’t get much press because they’re usually the least-sexy parts of the brewery.  I’ve dual-purposed my laundry tub into a small brewery cleaning area.

Laundry Tub with Garden Hose
Cheap Sink Facuet Controls the Garden Hose

When I bought my house this corner of the basement was almost ready for a washer / dryer as it there was a drain pipe and water nearby.  So when I ran the plumbing along the wall I also stubbed in tees for the hose.  The most useful part is the permanently plumbed-in garden hose.  In order to control the hold & cold water I bought the cheapest faucet I could find.  It’s a real piece of crap, all plastic, and I would not buy one again.  Off of that I split to the garden hose and my jet sprayer.

Dual Jet Sprayer Hooked Up

A piece of brass rod was used to give the sprayer some “backbone” as it would maddeningly flop all over without it.

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