Ginger Ale – Now With Lime!

Taking an established beverage and adding lime flavor is a popular trend so I decided to follow suit with my ginger ale recipe. In a 6L batch I added the zest of two limes as well as the juice of 1.5 of them (the other 0.5 went into another recipe). Additionally I bumped up the ginger ratio to 3.9 oz/gal (I used 6.1 ounces of peeled root). The batch has a good ginger heat and the lime flavoring is very nice. It’s not as strong as a 7-UP might have, it just provides a nice compliment to the potent ginger flavor.

Berliner Weisse

I did a Berliner Weisse with Wyeast’s 3191 VSS. It’s been in secondary for about a month and has developed some nice bacterial colonies on top. A few days ago the fermentation started up again as you can see by all the bubbles. Perhaps the Brettanomyces woke up? In any event the carboy is developing a nice sour smell so hopefully this will turn out well.