Gummi Brew

Gummi Bears are made of sugar and have flavor, right? Sounds like just barley malt. In March of 2007 I tried making a fermented beverage entirely out of gummi bears. I don’t remember the exact proportions but it had around 6 pounds of bears to 3 gallons of water for an OG of about 1.080. Because gummi bears are mostly sugar their SG is 1.042 PPG. To counteract the anticipated sweetness I boiled them with an ounce of bittering hops (Fuggles perhaps) for about a half hour.

This is what one pound of gummi bears looks like:


To ferment this stuff I think I used a champagne yeast. The “gum” in the bears made for an interesting gooey foam on top of the fermentation; in motion it was creepy in a “killer ooze” sort of way.

If you've ever wondered what fermenting gummi bears look like..
If you’ve ever wondered what fermenting gummi bears look like..

In the end the experiment was a failure. Too much of the sugar fermented out leaving nothing but the artificial fruit flavoring and hop bitterness. Also it was still very viscous making for an unappealing drink. An improved version of this experiment might include some unfermentable sugar, no hops, and perhaps additional spices like fresh ginger root.

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  1. Here in San Diego the brewer at San Diego Brew Co. made a beer called peep show for the Craft Beer Conference and World Beer Cup. The Peep Show was aPale Ale or IPA made with peeps candies, cool idea, slight pink color and a slight sugary taste, very cool idea as with your gummy bear beer.

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