Wardley’s Chlor Out

Picked up a bottle of Wardley’s Chlor Out today from Wally World to try to get rid of the (slight) chlorine taste in our water. Milwaukee now uses chloramines so one can’t simply leave their brewing water out overnight for the chlorine to dissipate. I’m doing a taste test with plain water and the results are very good. The recommended dosage is 1/2 teaspoon per 10 gallons so I’m adding about 0.02mL to a 1.5c glass of water. Even with that very small amount the stuff works very well.  I’ve never thought our water had a bad taste in the first place but I swear that I can taste chlorine in some of my lighter beers – for $2.14 per bottle I can’t go wrong.

After a few minutes the chlorine odor is gone and after a half hour there’s only a slight chlorine/mineral thing in the finish, and overnight I can’t detect any off-tastes.  A “control” sample that had been sitting out for the same amount of time has a much more noticeable taste.

As for the “is it food safe question”? I figure if a product is to be used for sensitive tropical fish it’s OK to drink in such a small dilution. I reckon they say to not use it for food because they wouldn’t FDA approval for a pet product.

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